Momčilo Stevanović
Prof. Dr. Momčilo Stevanović
Retired full professor
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Miscellaneous Information:



Momčilo Stevanović was born on March 3, 1935, in Skopje, Macedonia. He completed a four-year primary school in 1945 and an eighth-year high school in 1953, in Belgrade. He took his BSc and PhD (field radiation damage of sintered oxides) degrees at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Belgrade, in 1959 and 1965, respectively. He completed the post-graduate studies at CEN Saclay (Paris, 1962-1964), and undertook a postdoctoral programme at the AB Atomenergi, Studswik (Sweden, 1966) and CEN Saclay (Paris, 1967).

He worked (1960-2005) at the Materials Department of the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences; his research was related to the field of materials science. He was also engaged as a university lecturer (courses on Material Sciences and Chemical Thermodynamics), as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering (1969-1973), an associated and subsequently full professor at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Novi Sad (1975-1982) and a full professor at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Belgrade (1996-2000). He has been elected in all scientific and university titles.

He was the leader of several research projects (1970-2005), the head of the Ceramics Section (1971-1973), the head of the Materials Department (1973-1975) and the Deputy General Director of the Vinča Institute (1986-1990). For several terms of service, he was a member of the Vinča Institute’s Scientific Committee and, between 1994 and 1998, the vice president of Institute Directors’ Committee. He has been a long-term member of the Serbian Chemical Society and the chairman (1974-1977) of the Ceramics Commission of the Union of Yugoslav Chemical Societies. M. Stevanović is a member of the National Research Society’s Chairmanship and a member of the International Societies for Composite Materials, and, since 2011, a member of the American Nano Society. He was elected: in 2005 the member of the Scientific Society of Serbia; in 2007, he became a corresponding member and in 2009, a full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia.

During the first half of his career the subjects of his research were mainly related to ceramic oxide materials: radiation damage caused by fast neutron irradiation - effects on the physical and mechanical characteristics of non fissile oxide; mass transport processes of microstructure evolution; non stoichiometry of UO2; thermodynamics of vapor-liquid and vapor-solid equilibrium. During the second half of his career his scientific interests were focused on the study of continuous fibers/polymer matrix composites. By introducing standard methods for testing of fibers, prepregs and composites, he established the testing of structural composites by appropriate standard methods in Serbia, as well as the study of mechanical behavior of these composite systems. He has also studied the phenomena and effects on these composites, like the non-linear elasticity of carbon fibers and composites; edge effects; effects of irradiation and annealing; the delamination Mode I strain energy release rate, as measure of delamination toughness and the properties obtained by nano-indentation testing.

Stevanović publisahed 207 publications: scientific (139) and proffesional (68), including six chapters in international monographs, 46 papers in international journals (14 of which in leading ones) and 27 in national journals. He presented: 15 plenary (invited) lectures (ten at international and five at national conferences) and 57 oral presentations (25 at international and 32 at national conferences). He authored four university textbooks (two of which are national scientific mongraphs). His papers were cited 142 times. He was the supervisor of 12 masters theses and co-supervised eight PhD theses.



2012 - Member of American Nano Society

2009 - Full member of Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia

2007 – Corresponding Member of Academy of Engineering Science of Serbia

2005 - Member of Scientific Society of Serbia

2001-2005 - Leader of Serbian Ministry of Science’s Project „P-141: Developement of Diamond Deposition Procedure on Cutting Tools“

2001-2005 - Leader of Serbian Ministry of Science’s Project „P-1977: „New Carbon Materials and Composites Based on CarbonFibers“

1992-1998 - Member of Science Committee of European Conferences “Composite Testing and Standardization”

1996-2000 - Leader of Serbian Ministry of Science’s Project: Solid State Physical Chemistry. Processes and Phenomena on Phase Boundaries“

1998 - Member of European Society for Composite Materials 1994 - Member of International Community of Composite Materials - New Orleans

1991-1995 - Leader of Serbian Ministry of Science’s Project: Solid State Physical Chemistry. Processes and Phenomena on Phase Boundaries“

1987-1990 - Leader of Zagreb Marin Institutes Project: „Мaterials for Applicationin Shipbuilding. Testing of Hybrid Composites Carbon-Glass Fiber/Epoxy Resin“

1984-now - Member of National Research Society’s Chairmanship

1986 - Science Counselor in Vinca Nuclear Institute

1984-1988 - Vice President of Institute Vinca Director’s Comity

1982 – Full Professor at Chemical Engineerig Facuty of Novi Sad

1980-1987 - Leader of Aviation-Technical Institute’s Project: „Structural Composites Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Resin. for Application in Aircrafts Testing of Fibers, Prepregs and Composites“

1978-1979 – Leader of Vojvodina’s Research Projects : „Determination of tehermodinamics parameters for vapor-liquid equilibrium of multicomponent systems“

1977 - Senior Research Associate in Vinca Nuclear Institute

1975 – Associated Professor at Chemical Engineering Faculty of Novi Sad

1974-1977 - Chairman of Ceramic Commission of Yugoslav Chemical Society Union

1974-1977 - Leader of Republic’s Project „Procedures of Oxides Semiconductors Production“

1973-1975 - Head of Materials Department in Vinca Nuclear Institute

1973-1975 - Leader of Federal Project „Altarnative Sources of Nuclear Energetics. Research Trends for Fast Breader Reactors“

1971-1974 - Leader of Federar and Serbia’s ProjectProperties and Procedures of Getting High Temperature Ceramics Semiconductors“

1971-1973 - Head of Ceramic Section in Vinca Nuclear Institute

1970-1072 - Leader of Federal Project: “Processes and Phenomena in Ceramic Fuel at Elevated Temperatures”

1969 -  Assistant Professor at Electronic Faculty of Nis

1967-1969  Leader of subproject “Irradiation Effects in UO2 Fuel” in Federal Project “Ceramic Fuel Elements for Nuclear Reactor with Reactor Cooled by Water

1967- Research Associate

1966 -  Leader of  Subproject „Ceramic Fuel Elements for Heavy Water Reactors“, in Frame of Collaboration Project of Yougoslavie and Sweden – 6 Mounts Stay in Hot Laboratory of AB Atomnenrgi - Studsvik (Sweden)

1963-1965 - Head of Subproject “Radiation Damage of Non Fissile Oxides” in Frame of VISA Project (Collaboration of Yougoslave and French Institutes)

1965 - Defended PhD Thesis “Radiation Damage of Refractory Oxides Al2O3 and MgO” at Chemical Enginereeng Faculty of Belgrade University

1962-1964 - Fourteen-month stay in CEN Sacllay (Paris), working on PhD Thesis.

1960-1964 Research Fellow in Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca”, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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