Meeting Calendar


June 2022


Nanoscale Science and Engineering for Agriculture and Food Systems -  Gordon Research Conference

June 19-24, 2022, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH, USA
Meeting Website: https://iupac.org/event/nanoscale-science-and-engineering-for-agriculture-and-food-systems


11th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT)

June 19-24, 2022 Suntec, Singapore
Meeting Website: https://icmat2022.mrs.org.sg


EPF European Polymer Congress 

June 26 - July 1, 2022,  Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic

Meeting Website: https://www.epf2022.org


CIMTEC - International Conferences on Modern Materials and Technologies

June 19-24, 2022 Montecatini Terme (environs of Florence), Italy
Meeting Website: http://2022.cimtec-congress.org


E-MRS Spring Meeting

May 30-June 3, 2022, Strasbourg, France
Meeting Website: https://www.european-mrs.com/meetings/2022-spring-meeting-0


July 2022



July 2-9, 2022, Thessaloniki, Grece
Meeting Website: https://www.nanotexnology.com/

FEMS Junior EUROMAT 2022

July 6-10, 2022, Guimares, Portugal
Meeting Website:  https://www.fems.org/event/fems-junior-euromat-2022 


7th Unternational Conference on Advances in Functional Materials

July 25-28, 2022, Kyushu, Japan
Meeting Website: https://functionalmaterials.org/afm2022


August 2022


MXenes: Addressing Global Challenges with Innovation

August 1-3, 2022, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Meeting Website: https://mxeneconference.coe.drexel.edu/


Electron Microscopy of Nanostructures - ELMINA2022 Conference

August 22-26, 2022, Belgrade, Serbia

Meeting Website: https://elmina.tmf.bg.ac.rs/ 


International Conference: Materials, the Building Block for the Future

August 22-24, 2022, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Meeting Website: https://aaafm.org/ucla2022


September 2022


32nd International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials

September 4-8, 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

Meeting Website: https://www.elsevier.com/events/conferences/international-conference-on-diamond-and-carbon-materials


Mechanochemistry: Fundamentals, applications and future Faraday Discussion

September 12-14, 2022, Cambridge, UK

Meeting Website: https://www.rsc.org/events/detail/45686/mechanochemistry-fundamentals-applications-and-future-faraday-discussion


PolyScience 2022 

September 19-21, 2022, Barcelona, Spain

Meeting Website: https://www.thescientistt.com/polymer-science-composite-materials/2022/


2nd International Conference on Materials for Humanity (MH 22)

September 12-14, 2022, National University of Singapore, University Town, Singapore
Meeting Website: https://mh22-mrs.org.sg/ 


BIOCERAMICS 32 - 32nd Symposium and Annual Meeting of ISCM

September 20-23, 2022, Venice - Mestre, Italy
Meeting Website: https://bioceramics32.org/


October 2022


Seventh International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials

October 19 -22, 2022, Genoa, Italy
Meeting Website: https://www.elsevier.com/events/conferences/international-conference-on-multifunctional-hybrid-and-nanomaterials


NuMat2022: The Nuclear Materials Conference

October 24–28,  2022, Ghent, Belgium

Meeting Website: https://www.elsevier.com/events/conferences/the-nuclear-materials-conference


November 2022


International Conference on Electrical, Computer, Communications and Mechatronics Engineering (ICECCME)

November 16-18, 2022, Maldives

Meeting Website: http://www.iceccme.com/


December 2022


11th International Conference of the African Materials Research Society (AMRS2022)

December 12-15, 2022, Dakar, Senegal

Meeting Website: https://africanmrs.net/senegal-2022/


June 2023

11th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies 2023 (ICMAT 2023)

June 19-24, 2023, Singapore
Meeting Website: https://icmat2023.mrs.org.sg/public.asp?page=index.asp  


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