Zoran Lj. Petrović
Academician, Prof. Dr. Zoran Lj. Petrović
Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Physics; Secretary of the Department of Technical Sciences of SASA
Gaseous Electronics Laboratory
Institute of Physics
Pregrevica 118
+381 11 3160 598
Miscellaneous Information:

Atomic and molecular collisions in ionized gases, Transport phenomena in ionized gases, Transport theory, RF and DC plasmas for plasma processing, Basic properties of gas discharges, Physics of capacitively and inductively coupled plasmas, Modeling and experiments on non-equilibrium and non- linear systems, Determination, collection and evaluation of collisional cross sections and transport coefficients, Microwave applications and microwave sources, Surface treatment, thin film deposition and characterization, Plasma tretament of wool, environmental applications of treated fibres, Plasma treatment of seeds and medical applications of plasmas, Environmental science: detection and removal of polluting gases from the atmosphere, Plasma chemistry, Atomic physics, laser physics, nonlinear phenomena, Statistical processes, soft matter, self-organized criticality, Nanotechnologies-nanotubes, nanoelectronics and nanostructured materials, Micro-discharges, breakdown and plasmas, Biomedical applications of plasmas, Detection of volatile organic compounds, Positron collisions and transport in gases and living tissue

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